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One of the most exciting parts of a construction project is the groundbreaking. It’s the start of the ACTION and I LOVE seeing action on a construction site! Excavators moving dirt, cranes lifting steel, trucks hauling concrete; there’s nothing more fun to see. The groundbreaking is also the first day that project owners get to see their dream rising from the dirt and begin to take the shape of their new facility. As thrilling as the groundbreaking is, the REAL VALUE in the project is found much earlier in the process during the pre-construction phase.

#1 – The first way the pre-construction phase builds value for the client is during the design phase. Obviously getting a phenomenal architect/engineer team to design your facility can help lead to a great building. What is far more important than any set of blueprints is the road you take to get there. If an architect designs a facility that turns out to be well above the project budget, a tremendous amount of time and expense is wasted in re-designs which add absolutely zero value to the client. A well-managed pre-construction process allows the designs, budgets, and schedules to be developed simultaneously so you never waste money on out-of-budget blueprints.

#2 – We often work with clients who are operating in a facility that doesn’t match their needs. It’s easy to just jump and say you need 50k or 80k square feet for a manufacturing facility, but you can potentially save significant floor space by planning your new space specifically for your current and future operations. A successful pre-construction process plans out how your machinery fits into the space, how employees function in their work area, and how raw materials and finished products can most efficiently flow through your operation. The cost of good planning will always be less than the long-term cost of a poorly operating assembly line in a building that doesn’t fit you.

#3 – Finally, a well-managed pre-construction process can save you lost productivity during the build. If construction workers, equipment and materials are hampering your ability to continue manufacturing operations while an expansion is built, you are losing valuable profits. Pre-construction planning can organize the construction process around your operation ensuring that your team can stay focused on doing their jobs and stay profitable.

It’s important to remember that getting the absolute best value out of an industrial facility expansion or relocation means teaming with an experienced construction manager from the earliest moments of a project’s conception. A successful pre-construction process saves you far more than just getting a lower cost building but also protects you through improved manufacturing operations and minimized lost time for your workers. If you’re thinking about any kind of remodel, expansion or relocation, call a construction manager FIRST so you can maximize the benefits of pre-construction planning.

Contact us to learn more about how to build the most effecient facility for your manufacturing process and how we can help improve your bottom line.