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How much does your manufacturing facility cost you? You’ve got rent or mortgage payments, insurance, utilities, taxes…that’s about it right?

What about lost productivity?

Does your building have columns in the way of your forklifts? Do you wish you had an extra truck dock? Is space in your facility at a premium? Is your building less than perfect for your operation?

Now think about how your less than perfect building is affecting your bottom line. Say you’re a mid-size manufacturer with $5M in revenue – if impaired forklifts, too few truck docks, and cramped space cut your efficiency by just 2%, staying in your building is COSTING you an extra $100,000 in lost revenue EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Over a ten year stay in your building you’re losing over $1,000,000.

Lets be clear, the building your operation resides in will never MAKE you money. It’s the machines, materials and people that provide the value for a company. However, your building can certainly COST you money; and LOTS of it. By re-evaluating your facility and remodeling, expanding or relocating to an ideally designed building you can ultimately save millions of dollars where it counts the most.

Imperien’s approach with our clients is to evaluate their specific needs and help identify what the PERFECT building looks like for them. We help clients see exactly what the full cost of a facility is, what they can do to fix it, and how much money they will save by making the change. If your facility is anything less than perfect give us a call to talk and we can help you lower manufacturing costs and improve your bottom line.

Contact us to learn more about how to build the most effecient facility for your manufacturing process and how we can help improve your bottom line.