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Spotlight: Rock River Valley Blood Center

Spotlight: Rock River Valley Blood Center


Stay/build/relocate analysis


The Rock River Valley Blood Center, which is the only provider of blood products and services to hospitals in the northern Illinois region, needed to grow and expand. The organization had a complex situation in which they had purchased a building some time ago. Having additional needs from when it first purchased the building, the blood center required assistance and due diligence in figuring out how to exactly make the buildingwork for its growing needs.

In 2021, the RRVBC approached Imperien for assistance with a stay/build/relocate analysis. The organization needed a fresh set of expert eyes to look at their expansion goals, advocate for its interests, and be mindful of the costs and time pressures that go in to shutting a business down for a construction project.

As a result of the partnership, Imperien was able to help answer these questions: Does the blood center keep the building they already own and leave it as-is? Does the organization look elsewhere? Or do they level the building and start fresh?


Imperien recommended a minor expansion on the existing building owned by the RRVBC. The recommendation would do three things: Keep costs lower and get the organization operational as soon as possible while meeting its growing needs.

“It was critically important to them to be operating, and with the design/build expertise of Imperien, we were able to help the RRVBC open the doors back up for blood donations – without disruptions – to keep saving lives,”

Colin Simpson

CEO and President , Imperien

This was the blood center’s first major construction project in 25 years. Imperien was thrilled to partner with the organization to serve not only as partner on the construction site, but as an advocate in managing supplies, worksite crews, and mitigating risks.

This went on during the middle of Covid and we were able to mitigate the supply chain risk and get the project done on time,” Simpson said.


A ribbon cutting at the beautiful, state-of-the-art new donor center was held on the date Imperien predicted – a testament to the organization and management of the firm, the blood center, and other parties involved.

Now in its new location, the new donor center offers a warm, inviting environmnet with a donor-friendly layout and provides an easier registration process to enhance donor experience. In addition, private donor spaces have been added to accomodate patient therapies. 

“Our investment in working with Imperien saved us time and money on our construction project overall. Imperien’s expertise and advocacy on our behalf protected our bottom line, mitigated risks, and helped us reach our goal of moving int o our new building and saving more lives.

Lisa Entrikin
CEO of the Rock River Valley Blood Center

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