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As we at talk with clients and potential clients, the two most common questions we get include, “How can you save us time? And how can you save us money as we work to expand our business?”

Our answer is simple: We manage and mitigate the parts of the design and construction process that add time, money and stress to your plate. Here’s how:

1. Imperien will shop around for material.

It’s no secret that the prices of building materials have skyrocketed over the past several years, largely due to disruptions presented by the pandemic and supply chain disturbances. According to the National Association of Home Builders, building material prices are up 19.2 percent year over year and have risen 35.6 percent since the start of the pandemic. Industrial material has also risen alarmingly, including a 128 percent increase in 2021 for steel and a nearly 9 percent increase for ready mix concrete.

When businesses sign on with Imperien, we are able to guarantee a not-to-exceed price because we work to find the building material for your expansion project that matches the original budget we promised. If not, we eat the costs so you don’t have to.

2. We oversee site management.

Imperien sets benchmarks for your construction project to ensure your deadline is met. We understand that every day you’re not in your new facility is another day that costs you money. We act as your construction advocate to improve efficiency and reduce waste that increases your costs. We help find the most efficient equipment to get the job done, we ensure workers are busy, and we provide accountability on-site.

3. We help you hire the right workers.

We work directly on the client’s behalf when managing relationships. At Imperien, we hire the architect and the engineer, the electrician and the plumber. That helps guarantee reputable work is done and that business interests are with you, the client, as opposed to a contractor who might have an interest in up charging and making more money off of you.

4. We plan for change and manage it.

Changes will occur during construction projects. Whether it’s a design change or a change order to manage, it’s our job to predict and plan for change and manage it on your behalf.

This all saves you time and money.

Hiring a construction advocate is not an added step – it’s a step that eliminates the many burdens that present themselves on a construction project. We aren’t adding a level of bureaucracy, we’re replacing a level of inefficiency to make the process more efficient and give a higher value to the client.

Are you interested in learning more about our process and how we can help manage costs, time and cut red tape in your construction process? Give us a call at 815-988-7970 or visit our website.



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