Construction Management Services

You can focus on the "bigger picture" while Imperien solely represents your interests, acting as your advocate to ensure quality construction while minimizing total project cost.

Traditional design-bid-build projects create a separation between the design team and the construction team, often adding cost and time to your project. The serparation of design and construction services means you would be managing two service providers that may have opposing interests, creating a management headache. Imperien solves this problem by managing both the design and construction, protecting your interests.

Design-Build Services

Our design-build-services are structured to provide you the building you want, according to your time and budget.


Design-Bid-Build creates a separation between the contractor and architect that can be opposing, adding to management time and cost.

Construction Manager At Risk: Clients can opt to directly contract with a designer as they traditionally would however by also including Imperien in the pre-construction process we can help improve the constructability of the project plans and provide conceptual budgeting throughout the design process ensuring the final plans are not over the client’s budget.

Design-Build: By holding the design contract directly, Imperien can control the architect’s work and ensure that the design is developed to properly address all of the client’s needs as well as stay in budget.

Construction Manager-As Agent: Under a CM-As Agent project, the client directly holds contracts with the designer and individual subcontractors building the project. As the architect and subcontractors do not have a contractual obligation to Imperien, we are free to direct them as needed to protect the client at all times.

Location Strategies

We bridge market intelligence and location strategy, ensuring businesses establish operations in a location that optimizes their long-term operating costs, fits with their corporate strategy and values, and provides a mutually-beneficial economic partnership with a community.